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Music Festival Packages

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No matter what destination you choose, all Rhythms Packages follow the same format and include our basic elements which make us who we are. You will find below a few sample packages and their basic inclusions and prices. Please note that these prices are subject to what “YOU” want and we adjust the packages accordingly.

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Event procedure…
When all the groups have registered for the festival we then determine which adjudicators are required to meet each group’s needs according the ensembles registered. We then prepare our adjudication schedule and adjust all final itineraries around the adjudications since this is the most important part of the trip. You will be asked to fill in our adjudication form which states your repertoire and stage set-up plans for the event.

These are then sent to the judges ahead of time. You are asked to arrive at the venue 1 hour prior to your scheduled time. You will be greeted by the venue manager and directed to a private room for your one hour of warm-up time. The manager will direct you to the stage where everything has been set according to the plan you submitted. You will be presented to the three adjudicators present and you can hand them the scores at that time. The judges then get on stage with you and present themselves to the performers. They then return to their tables and signal you to begin.

During your performance the judges will record verbal comments and their suggestions on our adjudication forms. Both the tapes and sheets are given to you at the Awards Banquet Dinner along with your Rhythms International Participation Plaque. Your rating, if you wish one, will be on a separate plaque which you may decide to affix to the plaque or not. If you have more than one ensemble you will be given a separate time slot for warm-up and performance.